Decrypting Hillary’s Email Scandal: What You Need To Know

Hillary Clinton has been tied to scandals involving her private server and emails from even before she began her presidential campaign.  With issues being raised over the legality of such a server, the sharing of classified information, and possible cover-up conspiracies, here is video and other key information you need to know.

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton had a personal and private email server installed in her personal residence. Through using that server, Clinton was able to send and receive thousands of emails and other documents on an unsecured connection. She used multiple devices to read the different documents and emails, including nearly a dozen blackberries and many laptops.

The real outrage came when Hillary was discovered to have such a server in her home, and to have sent and received classified information. Those emails contained information from the President himself, details about drone strikes, and other classified information about Benghazi, according to reports.

Clinton denied allegations about sending classified information, only to later say she had no idea it was wrong and that it was a mistake. Staffers even went to great lengths to smash blackberries with hammers to destroy evidence. Some even pleaded the fifth in order to take immunity deals and not be incremented in the scandal.

Hillary dumped over 30,000 emails off her server and failed to produce their contents. She went before the Department of Justice and the Director of the FBI, answering questions about her use of emails on her private server, while being caught in multiple lies.

The reasons this is troubling to Americans goes beyond the disregard for common sense in sending classified American documents in an unsecured manner. It goes beyond having staffers try to destroy evidence and delete important matters. The foundation of corruption lies in the ethical decisions made by Hillary Clinton. The way she handled the issues and failed to take responsibility or uphold the truth shows a complete lack of integrity or trust, key elements needed for a Commander-in-Chief.