Hillary Clinton Blames Russia for Hacked Emails: Julian Assange Fires Back!

WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, stated that the thousands of emails that the website published from Hillary Clinton and her State Department staff, along with close allies and the Democratic Party, were not from the Russian government. 

In an interview with Russia Today, Assange firmly denied Clinton’s accusations of the hacked emails being from Russia. On multiple occasions, Clinton and her campaign have accused Russia as being the culprit in the hacking scandal. The White House has also blamed Russia for hacking political sites and email accounts.

The Clinton camp has been able to project a neo-McCarthyist hysteria that Russia is responsible for everything. Hillary Clinton has stated multiple times, falsely, that 17 U.S. intelligence agencies had assessed that Russia was the source of our publications. That’s false - we can say that the Russian government is not the source,” Assange stated.

He also went on to say that he sees Hillary Clinton as someone “who is eaten alive by their ambitions, tormented literally to the point where they become sick - for example, faint - as a result of going on, and going with their ambitions.”

WikiLeaks has done an exceptional job of uncovering Hillary Clinton’s private email server scandal along with the Clinton Foundation scandal. One source told Fox News, "There is an avalanche of new information coming in every day.”

 WikiLeaks has now uncovered more than 30,000 emails from Clinton’s private server, 20,000 emails from the Democratic National Committee, and over 50,000 emails from John Podesta.

It just goes to show you that Hillary Clinton is always looking to place the blame on anyone other than herself.