Trump’s Vision To Bring Back The American Energy Industry

Donald Trump has laid out his vision to make the American energy industry great again.  His plan has been met with resounding support from experts on energy production and the American unions of miners and coal workers.

As opposed to Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump has listened to researchers in seeing the potential America has to fulfill its own oil needs.  Rice University reported America currently has oil deposits that could fill 2 trillion barrels, enough to power the U.S. for 283 years. 

When asked about U.S. oil production Trump said, “I've never understood why, with all of our own reserves, we've allowed this country to be held hostage by OPEC, the cartel of oil- producing countries, some of which are hostile to America.”

When it comes to natural gas, Trump is also in favor of tapping into the own resources of our nation, producing jobs and allowing time to innovate new energy techniques. 

“Did you know that with the natural gas reserves we have in the United States we could power America's energy needs for the next 110 years? Those aren't my estimations, that's what the United States Energy Department's Energy Information Administration says. In fact, one of the largest mother lodes of natural gas, the Marcellus Shale, could produce the energy equivalent of 87 billion barrels of oil. Some critics believe those numbers might be inflated. Fine. Let's say the real number is fifty-five years of energy. Or that we only get 43 billion barrels' worth of energy. So what? That buys us more time to innovate and develop newer, more efficient, cleaner, and cheaper forms of energy,” wrote Trump in 2011.

By generating energy from American resources, the U.S. economy will see a boost on nearly every front.  Jobs will be created within our own borders, allowing American workers the power to once again power the nation.  Trump will bring back jobs to the American miners, once including using coal for energy needs. Competition with overseas oil and gas companies will drive down prices and the American economy will reap the benefits.

Donald Trump realizes the need for innovation in the energy industry.  His plan allows for the best use of American energy now, while creating jobs, as our nation looks to develop cleaner energy methods for generations to come.